I got it wrong

So for the last couple years, I have been using this catchy phrase as a framework for what I put out into the social media world, and my life.

Live love and you will live loved.

It is a lovely sentiment and quite motivating.

But as I updated some of my profiles, I stared at the phrase realizing…

I got it all wrong.

This is like putting the cart before the horse, the pants before the underwear (heehee), pouring the milk before grabbing the glass to drink it in.

The foundation of this sentiment is missing.

I could try and try to “live love” every single day of my life. But, without the foundation of love, all of it would be void of truth and purpose.

This is the embodiment of true love: not that we have loved God first, but that He loved us and sent His unique Son on a special mission to become an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

– 1 John 4:10


Take a moment and read it again… I’ll wait.

I am loved FIRST!  I cannot live love without allowing God’s love to overwhelm me and cover my sins.

I know this. I even have a tattoo to remind me of this. But I can honestly tell you I still struggle with this. I struggle with allowing this immeasurable, pure, honest, extravagant love to permeate my being.

I’m willing to step out onto the front lines in this battle. Because God has already given me this amazing love. He has already prepared the way through this battle. And He is determined to reveal His love through me.

So here I stand ready to live LOVED. Then I will live LOVE.

selective focus photo of woman in white sleeveless top posing
Photo by Ali Pazani on Pexels.com

Updated framework for life —-> Live loved and you will live love.

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