To be held

There are moments when life feels so heavy and burdensome, and we realize we’ve been trying to carry everything on our own. We do not often notice life’s weight until it’s too much to bear. Then the question comes, “why have I been trying to carry it?” I had a moment like this last evening….

Battle Plan Resources

When you make the choice to open up God’s Word, He will meet you there. He will be faithful to reveal His promises, to present practical wisdom and correction, and to declare His love for you and His people on every single page! In my last blog post, I shared a quote from Ruth Chou…

Battle plan

We cannot grow in Christ, unless we truly learn His ways through His Word.

I got it wrong

So for the last couple years, I have been using this catchy phrase as a framework for what I put out into the social media world, and my life. Live love and you will live loved. It is a lovely sentiment and quite motivating. But as I updated some of my profiles, I stared at…