Jesus loves me.

I am incredibly grateful that Jesus loves me, not inspite of, but smack dab in the midst of my life. I stand on holy ground at this moment. I am at Camp Keystone, the camp I grew up at – as staff kid, camper, counselor, staff member, and now I come as event manager. I…

What is love

Joy is love rejoicing, Peace is love at rest, Patience is love waiting, Kindness is love interacting, Goodness is love initiating, Faithfulness is love keeping its word, Gentleness is love empathizing, Self-control is love resisting temptation. Nicky Gumbel posted on 9/20/21 on Instagram @nickygumbel

Consider // Power of presence

Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.// Ephesians 3:12 NLT Any moment. Any time of day. Any attitude or posture. We have the greatest asset we need to live a life that is edifying and driven by love. We have the power of presence, the…

A blessing

May His peace be yours in the midst ofthe busyness and difficulties life brings; May hope in Christ fill you with purpose; May His love be your motivation and comfort; And may His joy fill each cell in your bodyknowing He is working all things for your good.

The save and the release

I need saving! I need saving… mostly from myself. Do you feel me? Can you relate? In this moment of reflection, I lift up my praise to the One who cares and the One who saves. Praise Jehovah! Praise the God who saves! Blessed be the Lord—day after day he carries us along.He’s our Savior,…

Consider // Loved & known

“To be loved but not known is superficial. To be known and not loved is our great fear,but to be known and loved, that transforms you.” // Tim Keller Think about your life right now. As you reread Tim Keller’s quote, where are you in this scenario? Maybe you haven’t thought about your life in…

Love is not

“Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. To love someone is to accept that person exactly the way he or she is right here and now.” // Mister Rogers

Art of love

“The art of love is largely the art of persistence.” // Albert Ellis

Approach God

If anything, the events of this past week (on top of 2020) should have us clinging to God. For me personally, the week has included the infiltration of COVID-19 into my family. I have been quarantined and received a negative test result, yet I’m not sure how accurate it was with almost everyone being positive….

Make Room

“I have loved you even as the Father has loved me. Remain in my love.”// John 15:9 NLT When you boil down what God’s Word asks from us, it’s this. Simply this… Remain in His love. Once you pause, refocus, and plant yourself in Him, your life will change. “You can come as you areBut…

Christmas Day

Prophecy to reality.Angelic announcement to miraculous meeting.Rule of law to rule of love. Christ is born for each and every one of us. Celebrate His presence and His love this day, for He is God’s promise fulfilled.

The kindness of God

God loves us in the midst of our every day; in our hero days and our split-open vulnerable “I can’t take anymore” days. Honestly, there is no difference to Him. We have a win, He loves. We fail, He loves. We don’t get off the couch, He loves. We sin, He loves. God loves not…