In his hands

I shall not fear though darkened clouds may gather round me;
The God I serve is one who cares and understands.
Although the storms I face would threaten to confound me,
Of this I am assured: I’m in his hands.

I’m in his hands, I’m in his hands;
Whate’er the future holds
I’m in his hands,
The days I cannot see
Have all been planned for me;
His way is best, you see;
I’m in his hands.

What though I cannot know the way that lies before me?
I still can trust and freely follow his commands;
My faith is firm since it is he that watches o’er me;
Of this I’m confident: I’m in his hands.

In days gone by my Lord has always proved sufficient,
When I have yielded to the law of love’s demands;
Why should I doubt that he would evermore be present
To make his will my own? I’m in his hands!

Lyrics Written by // Stanley E. Ditmer

To listen to the song, I’m in His Hands sung by Phil Laeger, go to I’m in His Hands Spotify

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