I have been learning about patience today.

Throughout the entire day, It seemed that every little thing took longer than it should… took far more effort than usual… and did not go according to plan. Even my plans with a friend fell through right before I was going over to their house this evening.

I mean, come on, right?!

This computer doesn’t care that I have a meeting to get to, so why should I? I should be able to accomplish this project in three easy steps, but somehow 20 more steps snuck their way in. Nothing goes according to plan, so why should I plan?

These kind of days can do a number on me! Sometimes I just want to walk away, head home and allow myself to escape from the day.

Thankfully, I realized what was happening by lunchtime, and so the rest of the day I was more mindful of when my patience was being tested.

It actually made me chuckle at one point.

// How do we get to the place where we have a better attitude about these kind of days? How do we more automatically find ways to adjust and allow the ridiculous to become tolerable?

I do not have the answer quite yet, but I think just asking the questions, and having a more easygoing perspective will make for a more lighthearted experience the next time your day goes berserko (yes that is a technical word for crazy!).

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