I am BURSTING with pride!

Want to know why?

THIS one is going to be on Jeopardy this coming Friday!

// Photographer: Kim Touchton & BFF Jennifer Hoosier

Jennifer, and family, has loved Jeopardy most of her life and has had “be a Jeopardy contestant” on her Bucket List for years.

After doing the needed steps, including an online test and auditioning, she was chosen! She flew out to LA last month, filmed her Jeopardy experience and it will be on television this Friday, November 23rd!

// Jeopardy Promotions Department

I am truly proud of her, no matter what the outcome! Yes, it’s very cool that I know someone who has been on this great game show. Yes, it’s incredible that she flew out to LA and had this fun experience.

But what I am most proud of, is her willingness to do something scary; to put herself out there! She was brave and decided to tackle something she always wanted to do!

I’ll be cheering her on with my family, enjoying Second Thanksgiving (doesn’t everybody do Second Thanksgiving?). I’ll be a little verklempt and a lot excited… it’s going to be fantastic!

// So I ask you, what are you afraid to try? What is that one adventure you have placed on the back burner? Is it time to revisit that Bucket List item?

Don’t let fear stop you! You’ve got this!

… And don’t forget to watch Jeopardy on Friday!

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  1. Jerry Touchton says:

    Yes! Jen is a step out person and you are too in many ways.

    Liked by 1 person

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