Gentleness is important

I have been working heavily on self care over the last year.

One of the elements of this care is to lessen the negative internal dialogue that often plagues. Many times I am unaware of the dialogue being so pervasive. Recently, I have practiced being more aware with the help of Scripture, mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, and counseling.

Since our mind and heart are the filter through which every thought and emotion flows through, it is imperative to continually flip the script. To leave space for correction. To be gentle with ourselves when we do not get it right…even the second, third and seventh times!

This is a continual battle for me and I know I will mess up.

The confidence I have only comes from knowing God is in the healing.

God is writing this story.

God is love and so I will be loved through each step of the journey.

And so I say to you, as inspired by incourage….

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