The Beach – A Meditation


Get comfortable and take a few moments to sense everything around you.

Look around you.

Palm trees. Wet sand. Seaweed tossed about. Crabs scurrying. Cranes soaring. Clouds creating scenes in the sky. Sun hidden around the bend of the earth after a long day. Water still with slight ripples from the breeze.


Urgent breeze cooling my face. Sand packed hard beneath my towel. Sand lightly rolls underneath my finger. My hair blowing back. August warmth and cool Gulf breeze combining.


A faint bird call in the distance. The breeze rustling the palms and bushes. Two young curious girls playing. Car engines rolling by as they head home. Crane calling. Murmurings of passerby’s. A fish lightly jumping out of the water. The breeze becoming wind arousing everything to life.


In through the nose. Slowly out through the mouth.



Close your eyes. Allow the breeze into your nostrils.

Slowly open your eyes as you release your breath.

Again and again, more deeply.

Begin to breath normally, continuing to allow the breeze in and feeling it across your body.


Look around at the beauty of nature – the water, the clouds, the colors, the trees, the sand.

Thank you for nature. For the stillness and the majesty.

Feel the wind. The sand beneath your feet.

Thank you for the ability to be among nature.

See the dimming lights and blurring colors, fading to black. Watch the lapping of the water on the shore.

Thank you for the senses to appreciate all of this.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Stand, gather your belongings and continue to be present in this experience as you head to your car.

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