Another week has began…another weekend has passed. The weekend was fun.  Started out with some hesistation because I feel kinda crappy, but went out anyway with Heather, Jackie and Casey to a salsa dance class at UT!  I can’t tell you how much fun it was!  We shall go back after Youth Councils!  Saturday was Corps Cadet lesson planning and hanging out with Kara and Beau…always a riot with the two of them.  Sunday was Colton’s Jr. Soldier enrollment, so a lot of family ws in town including my brother’s fam.  Always fun to hang out with Kira and Emma!  Corps Cadets was a struggle…I thought I had made pretty simple and the topic (evangelism and witnessing) easy to apply. But I just don’t know how to work with a group that has some  totally willing to get into the Word and talk about it, and the majority are just there to hang out with each other.

God, oh give us wisdom in with the teenagers coming up now!

The rest of my Sunday was spent laundering at my parents and hanging out. So, now I’m here…ready to really get into the nitty gritty of this business proposal…and “grade” all the corps cadet sheets.

I might write more later…but I just really love love LOVE the quote I left with on Friday.  Man, C.S. Lewis just paints this amazing visual about how powerful God is!  Man oh Man.  I love quotes, lalalala, I love quotes……

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  1. hudsondmc says:

    Were you one of those corps cadets that couldn’t wait to do the lesson?  There weren’t many of them when you were coming up and it hasn’t changed.  I went becuase my friends were there, learning was purely accidental and a bonus. Working with them is like giving directions to a place you know so well how to get to, to a person that has never been there.  You see it all and they see nothing.  But you try to explain it anyway because you really want them to get there.  You keep doing your part and let God do his – his job is a LOT harder!  But he’s God.


  2. Sorry you had a tough day with your corps cadets. I think I was a nerd when I was a corps cadet..  I liked doing the lessons.. and always looked forward to the new challenges!
    Glad to read you are doing well. I miss you.


  3. Anonymous says:

    oh wow u must have just posted cuz this wasnt on there when i was commenting…crazy.


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