Celebrate 40 // Days 12 thru 17

In 25 days, I celebrate the beginning of my fourth decade on this planet & all that God has in store for me.
For each day heading towards my birthday, I thought I would write a wish or desire for my forties. I have thoroughly enjoyed my thirties and I know God has even more adventures around the corner.

No excuses, but yes, I’m SIX days behind on my 25 wishes.

That means this post will be a running list of the six wishes and then we shall get back to some better blogging.

Day 12

I would love to have photos or writings of mine published. I have had a few of my pieces published and it’s been so gratifying. I would love to write to inspire, and see through the lens to show the beauty in the world.

Day 13

It will be beneficial for me and for the environment to minimize the “stuff” I own. I have been working to minimize little by little this year. It is not the easiest when sentiment (“This is the bracelet he gave me when we celebrated my birthday.”) and hope (“Maybe I can fit back into those pants!”) come into the picture, but so many things simply will be forgotten when they are not in view. I believe that is okay for me when it comes to “stuff”. I cannot take them with me!

Day 14

I desire to save well for retirement; a little bit more and a little bit more as the years move forward.

Day 15

For the fun of it, I have always thought it would be a trip to do the champagne, dressed up, fancy New Year’s Eve night out. I want to ring in the New Year When-Harry-Met- Sally style!

Day 16

I have already written about wanting to hike more. I think I might want to up the anti and, once I have gotten my boots out on the path enough, accomplish an extended hike camping out overnight. Eek! I have never stayed in a tent overnight, but I’d love to try it!

Day 17

I have done some fun things with my hair over the years, and I don’t intend to stop once I turn 40! Maybe I’ll go red again… maybe I’ll try one more time for longer hair… maybe I’ll go silver ombré. We shall see!

I don’t know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future.

– Ralph Abernathy

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