Not alone

Tomorrow will be a day I don’t know what to do with.

A part of me wants to completely ignore the significance of the day. Another part of me wants others to know they are not alone in finding Mother’s Day difficult. Another part of me knows I need to check in with my own thoughts & feelings on a day that reminds me my mom is not with us anymore.

I’m not writing to give advice this time. I honestly don’t have much to give.

I think I’m writing to just let you know you are not alone.

Not alone in the wanting to stay in bed and wait until Monday comes… not alone in the wanting a friend to check in and say they understand… not alone in wanting to simply be acknowledged on a tough day… not alone in wanting to help someone else but not feeling like you have the strength or the words… not alone in needing to take time tomorrow to remember your loved one and honor their life.

My prayers are with you tomorrow.

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  1. Simple Truth says:

    My mother is still with me Thank God, but together we remember the loss of my son some thirteen years ago today. They say that time heals all things but in reality the pain just fades into the background of your day to day life and reemerges from time to time and particularly on times of reflection such as today when your focus is all too clear and you draw upon memories of all those good times together, but like you say, we are not alone because there are so many others out there that know the feeling all too well. Thanks for your post and prayers, so sweet, my prayers are with you also.

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    1. Kimisloved says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Loss is hard to comprehend but uniting in such a profound way.

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