moments never forgotten

As I watch the reports and videos from September 11, 2001, I’m humbled and brought to tears remembering all of the families that have been affected.

I decided to read through my journal from 2001 to see what was happening right before and after 9/11…it was pretty amazing to read. Something I wrote that I do not remember about on 9/10/01 was kinda eerie to read…here is what I wrote and quoted:

In times like these, in the midst of horrid tragedy, the little tiffs, insecurities and events in life don’t really amount to much. Lord, I truly pray for those who are suffering, whether this tragedy or not. But we also need to remember this:

“Hang on to the fact that He will ultimately give you clear understanding and will fully justify Himself in everything that He has allowed into your life.” –My Utmost

Five years later…God is still revealing Himself in the tragedies and effects from 9/11.  I believe that He was and is glorified by what has happened since.  I pray for us to keep this day always in our hearts as the years continue to trickle by…and let us know peace – some peace – in our lifetime!

Peace to you this tragic anniversary…

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