random thoughts of mine

Skype is muy muy fantastico…can’t wait to talk to jen for FREE!

i’ve had two very looong, exhausting days at work.

i’m too tired to think about anything other than sleeping.

i’m watching sky for jason and kristen and she just makes me smile…

church tomorrow…i look forward to that

i’m still not anywhere near being ready to be a parent, especially now seeing babies and children all the time (at their best and their worst)

i would kinda like to do the marriage thing though…any offers?



and something that brings peace and warmth to my achy bones…God loves me no matter what!!!!!!

peace to you…  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kim:  Missed getting a chance to chat with you after church.  I hope you had a great week last week, and I hope that you have are blessed with a great week this week as well.  Take care and God bless. ~Phil


  2. hudsondmc says:

    I’m liking a good bit of the new Jars release.  My fave is still Work.  It’s an immediate ear catcher.  I love seeing bands evolve the way they have; they seem to remain true to their music, never going for the easy get.  You can download from itunes for a decent price but if you want the disc then check out WalMart.  I’m with you on prices of some of this stuff.


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