Another day of lots of thoughts racing through my mind.  I had this whole thing about how I’m a disappointment worked up, but I just didn’t feel lead to finish it.  I’ve had some encouraging news(and some not) about college ministries within the Army.  My task has been to find successful college-focused programs/ministries within the Army, contact the leaders and find out their plan of action.

The main discouraging news was that The Lighthouse in San Angelo, TX (that I’ve raved about in the past) had to be shut down. I guess it just happen this year, and it was because of budgetary reasons. Grrrr…poop on money! [Sorry for that immature moment] Anyway…the good news is there is a ministry happening at the Louisville corps called The Cellar….led up by a fellow SAMS.  I’m calling next week to find out details.  It is the basement of the corps…we shall see.  I also just found out another SAMS in Texas is able to have one night a week at a local coffee house for Army night for free!  Rock on..I’ll be finding out more about that today! 

If any of you happen to know ANYTHING about what the Army is doing ANYWHERE for college students, please PLEASE let me know!!!

That’s basically been what I’ve been working on the past few days, along with the Corps Cadet lesson for Sunday.  Man, Corps Cadets…when will the Army in the US make it optional?  They have it that way in England.  BTW, I don’t know how many f you have heard of the Alove program in England.  Russell Rook heads it up and just looking at their website gets me excited about what the Army is trying to do for the young generations!  Here’s the link…check check it out yo!

Have a great weekend!  Peace…

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  1. JenMusic says:

    Which corps in Louisville (there are 3)? I think it must be Sanders, because South, where Angela and Chris go and I went, doesn’t have a basement. That’s pretty cool. Too bad about the Lighthouse.
    You’re not a disappointment – what in the world was that going to be about???????
    Miss you!


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