Bear witness

I am finishing up a Lent Bible Study in the book of Jeremiah by the community She Reads Truth. It has been heavy reading, spiritually impacting and deeply meaningful during this season. After finishing the book of Jeremiah, we are now reading through Christ’s journey to the cross. The words of Jesus hit deeper now….

For now, wait

Every day I have wanted to write. Yet, as I open the app, begin to type and the words do not come. I believe it is partly because I am still quite busy with work. I am truly grateful that I can even utter that sentence. I feel deeply for everyone that has lost a…

Human love

Soooo much to unpack in this beautiful quote from the renowned C.S. Lewis. I will only tap the surface…and maybe even come back to it in future posts. Many may see this as a negative statement, but I do not. I find this to be a refreshing and essential reality of our human existence. Every…

Words for the new year

Whatever mountain you find yourself climbing, remember there’s always a bigger story at play. You are capable, creative, and resourceful… So, when you find yourself overwhelmed, gripped by fear, stressed or challenged, remember to live and work with hands wide open. Walk by faith. Approach your circumstances with worship as your weapon and surrender as…

God is

When you are going through difficult times, you must hold onto the promises of God. His promises are true and reliable. In this life, everything is conditional, no matter how much we do not want it to be. Thankfully… God is faithful. God is trustworthy. God is unconditional. God is reliable. God is with us….