To see takes time

“A flower is relatively small. Everyone has many associations with a flower — the idea of flowers. You put out your hand to touch the flower — lean forward to smell it — maybe touch it with your lips almost without thinking — or give it to someone to please them. Still — in a…


“He is worthy of the first, worthy of the last, and worthy of every moment in between. Instead of giving Him the leftovers this week, give Him the best moments of each day and watch Him fill the rest with unending joy and grace upon grace.” – Gretchen Saffles


As I stand outside my home this morning, I am taking this moment to praise for the FINALLY gorgeous cool fall breeze in Florida! I want to stand here all day; eyes closed, breeze brushing past and the sounds of birds and soft highway white noise a few miles away. I am thankful in this…

Say it in writing

When was the last time you received a card or an actual hand-written letter? When was the last time you sent a card or letter? When President George HW Bush passed away, there were many tributes and interviews shown on TV. One particular one I saw was about his fondness and commitment to letter writing….