“Grief can be a burden, but also an anchor. You get used to the weight, how it holds you in place.” ― Sarah Dessen, The Truth About Forever “Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you….

A year

Today is one year since my mom passed. I do not have words of wisdom or personal insights to share this day, but I have found some quotes & scripture that acknowledge feelings I have had over this first year of life without Mom and the loss that most acutely acquaints me with grief. “It’s…

Happy 2020

Happy New Year, friends. Here’s to following God closer, to stepping out in faith more often & finding the joy in the journey! Let’s do this year!

True at the same time

Words that hit close to my heart from Sarah Bessey – “This has been a very hard year. I will tell the truth about that. I will also tell the truth that we made it. We survived. We held on to each other and kept going. This was the year I learned all over…

From 2019 to 2020

As the year comes to an end and a New Year draws close, you have a great opportunity to pause and evaluate where you are in life. Are you where you want to be in your spiritual walk, relationships, professional life and self care? To assist you in answering this question, I have pulled together…

I come with love

Ultimately God sent His Son to show us love. The law was already established and God knew we needed His loving guidance as well. After such a long wait, love was in our midst. Harry Connick Jr. wrote a beautiful song from the perspective of Jesus, from birth to the Cross, simply reminding us that…

Love with us // Advent Week 3

“God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬ Photo by Pixabay on

For good

In the marriage of God’s omnipotence and humanity’s free will, life is… messy and mundane, profound and perplexing, gut-wrenching and maddening, delightful and joyful ugly and beautiful. When life gets hard, the tides creep high and all we can do is ask, “why?”, it is hard to believe that good can come from that which…

The weight of it all

I have been burdened today. Weighed down and so concerned about many things, cycling through the sadness, frustration and unknowns. It got to a point where I needed to press pause on the worrying, and so I began to journal about all of it. With transparency and speed, a list of cares came out of…


Lord, Give us the imagination to dream and catch glimpses of the life you intend for us to live. Show us how our individual lives are entwined with those around us, and help us to live so truly together that we embody your good news in this world. Amen. // Common Prayer