Consider // Keep company

“Let everything else come after keeping company with Him.” – Ann Voscamp No matter what commitments, what difficulties, what joys are taking over your days, always take time with God. Not as an afterthought or as a quick fix. Keep company with Him… pray, journal, read scripture, be silent before Him. Consider how you can…

A little yes

“It’s brave to be intentional to make small, healthy decisions because it goes against our human nature to put effort into the things that are seemingly insignificant… a little yes can be a step in the right direction, even if it isn’t a leap.” – Annie F. Downs, 100 Days to Brave


When was the last time you checked your standards? We are more apt to do hours of research to choose a quality eating establishment or Airbnb than to set boundaries for those who text us, who take us on dates, who we easily give our time. Have you taken time to look at the standard…

Turning the page

April is a BIG month for me in my work life. It is the culmination of all the planning and preparation done all year long. The main event the team I work with prepares for just took place this past weekend. It went well. Lives were changed. God was glorified. All that matters was accomplished….

He is with you

I have a recurring conversation with a coworker about how we do not understand how people do life without God.  This conversation has become more frequent over the last few months as her father has gone through cancer treatments and I have gone through  my mom’s recent passing. We just had one of those conversations…