In you alone

“God, of your goodness, give me yourself; for you are sufficient for me. I cannot properly ask anything less, to be worthy of you. If I were to ask less, I should always be in want. In you alone do I have all.” // Julian of Norwich (1342)

My kind of Christianity

THIS is the kind of Christianity we should strive for as we seek to imitate Christ and find purpose in our daily lives. “Christianity can provide… a meaning in life that suffering can’t take away a satisfaction not based on circumstances a freedom that doesn’t turn community and love relationships into thin transactions an identity…

Who you are

You do not discover who you are in the presence of people. You discover who you are in the presence of God. // Lisa Bevere  

You are, I am

You are moving You are removing I am still I am waiting You are teaching You are stretching I am learning I am leaning in You are admonishing You are correcting I am convicted I am calibrating You are tender You are Emmanuel I am malleable I am seeking You are Love You are Almighty…

You are known

You are worthy. You are enough. God knows every bit of you… The deeply hidden, The sleeve-worn. The unrefined, The mature. The quirks, The common. The ugly, The beautiful. The pain, The joy. The unlovable, The lovely. The awkward girl on the sideline, The lady boss. And with all of that knowledge and understanding, God…