Follow his ways

I don’t know what crazy steps of obedience God is currently calling you to take. But let me encourage you to keep going. Keep trusting. Keep taking step after obedient step. We don’t have to understand the “why” of God’s ways. But we do need to keep choosing to follow them. – Lysa TerKeurst

Slow down

Do not forsake quiet time with God. The truth you store up in silence comes back to you in the storm. – Christine Caine

Back to himself

We never saw this coming. Every single one of us is affected. Things could look bleak. Yet… there is good in the unknown. Today we sit in “social distancing” mode, actively waiting to see how the Coronavirus/COVID-19 will spread. Each day it gets worse, yet with practical steps like good hygiene and not gathering in…

Your words

Your words became a delight to me and the joy of my heart, for I bear your name, Lord God of Armies. Jeremiah 15:16 CSB

This girl

Every. Single. Time I listen to Lauren Daigle’s song, This Girl, I feel like she is singing my anthem!  It is a vulnerably honest statement of acknowledging her wandering, yet… YET, she is firm and steadfast knowing now – THIS GIRL AIN’T GOING ANYWHERE! I’ve been a winding road, oh, I know You know Sometimes…

He is enough

Sometimes, simply to bear witness to God’s grace and mercy is enough. You may not be noticing His grace and mercy in your own life at the moment, or even in the life of someone you know. But, to hear stories of His faithfulness and know God is still moving and working in the world…

Longing for Jesus

Are you longing for Jesus? Are you feeling disconnected, off or overwhelmed by the busyness of life? As you enter the Lenten season, I pray you (and I) will allow this 40 day period leading up to Easter to be a time of acknowledging your longing and the communal love we have for Jesus, the…

Finder of good

It is so much more freeing to simply show up and be a finder of the good. – Lysa Terkeurst

Note to self

“I have learned that what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” – Unknown

REVISIT // Human love

It has been a true blessing to write this blog over the last 19 months. I started it out of the outpouring of God’s redemptive love and leading. I continue it as I find power in the written word. In the sharing of stories and experience, moments in life that seem to not have value…