Understanding in grief

Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

In grief, I have found an understanding that beyond my understanding God is working all for the good of those who love Him and accept His calling.

That does not make loss easier.
It does not make watching the world groan in sin less awful.
It does not make my mess ups and falling short okay.

The understanding brings an equilibrium to my soul that I could not comprehend before grief became a real part of my story. As the years tick on since the loss of my mom, the duality of sorrow and peace sits more lightly on my heart, and so I can move through days and weeks more confidently in His loving care.

I can see more intimately the moments He strips away the veil and understanding becomes richer.

Loss has hit my family members once again in the last month, and even though it still cuts sharply, the consolation of understanding is the balm that soothes in these days.

May understanding of God’s care for you, His working behind the scenes of loss and life, and His true and real love for you bring peace in your story of grief.

 We are confident that God is able
to orchestrate everything to work toward
something good and beautiful
when we love Him and accept
His invitation to live according to His plan.

// Romans 8:28 VOICE

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