Consider // Power of presence

Because of Christ and our faith in him, 
we can now come boldly and confidently
into God’s presence.

// Ephesians 3:12 NLT

Any moment.

Any time of day.

Any attitude or posture.

We have the greatest asset we need to live a life that is edifying and driven by love.

We have the power of presence, the presence of God.

When we accept and open up to the embrace of His presence, we receive beyond what we can ever give. He gives abundantly, pouring out Himself and partnering with us in our everyday lives.

“This King, full of mercy and goodness,
very far from chastening me,
embraces me with love,
invites me to feast at His table,
serves me with His own hands,
and gives me the key to His treasures.
He converses with me,
and delights in me,
and treats me as if I were His favorite.”
// Brother Lawrence

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Consider //

Take time to practice His presence with a pulse check. Follow these steps: Close your eyes and place your thumb on your pulse (found on your wrist or on your neck). Once you find it, sit quietly for sixty seconds, breathing in and out normally.

Keeping your eyes closed, thank God for sustaining you, for keeping you alive, for He holds all of our lives in His hands.

Then, as you feel the rhythmic pulse, imagine you are listening to the heartbeat of Jesus. Sense His immediate presence. Feel His nearness. Imagine Him at your side.

As you move beyond the sixty seconds, invite Jesus to remain with you throughout your day. *

  • Practice and inspiration is from the “Practicing the Presence of God” devotional on the YouVersion Bible app.

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