Consider // Broken before God

Do you give your brokenness to God? Have you practiced the posture of dependence?

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As part of our faith walk, we are charged with going to God with our brokenness, our burdens, our sins.

Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

// Matthew 11:28 VOICE

Matthew 11:28 is a beautiful verse, drawing us in to the promise of true rest – recovery, refreshment, renewal.

Yet, how do we receive this rest?

We must come.

WE must take the step towards our Father, the Giver of Rest.

Come to Me, all who are weary and burdened…

The steps we take toward Him must include the release of our brokenness and burdens. As we fall at His feet, we cannot simply lay there for a time, and then pick up our burdens and move on with our lives.

The coming is also the unburdening.

The coming is also the unburdening.

We must unclench our fists of all that we are holding on to and all that is holding us back from the freedom He has promised in His presence…

if we come.

“Brokenness, when humbly embraced as a merciful gift,
carries us to that dependent place
where we find deeper dimensions of life with God…”

// Gary Walter

Consider //
Get away for a while. Take real time to consider why it is difficult to give your brokenness to God. Ask yourself the tough questions, or simply be open and still in the presence of God to allow Him to bring revelation. Then, take the steps of confession and release. The Holy Spirit will guide this process because the Lord wants to give you rest from your brokenness and burdens.

Take the risk of release to receive the fulfillment of true rest.

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