I sat in the warmth of a summer eve in my friend’s back yard. Enjoying the moment when the sky turns from shades of soft pinks and blues to dark blues and black, I glimpsed a faint light flickering in the distance.

A few seconds later, another buzz of light, brighter and more convincing.

I leaned in and waited.

A few more flitters of tiny, bold sparks.

I was captivated by the lights, so tiny yet so bright in the darkening world of the back yard.

Photo by Ruvim on

Fireflies are incredible creations of God, and since I have not seen them very often since I was a child, I become elated when I see the shiny bug behinds light up!

It reminds me of the silly quote that circles Pinterest graphics…

“If God can make
a bug’s butt light up
think what He can do for you!”

// Attribution Unknown

Of course these simple thoughts lead me to ask, how is your butt lighting up your tiny corner of the world?

Get out there and SHINE, my friends!

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