Consider // The opportunities list

I “heart” To-Do Lists! I LOVE crossing off items from my list, and feeling the accomplishment of completing the task.

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I know that may sound trivial, and you may wonder if I have a life. I get it. However, what the lists do for me is create a rhythm of order in the midst of the endless decisions we have to make every single day.

From chores to errands to exercise to work projects, checking off a task or opportunity (whether mundane or fun) gives me a sense of accomplishment when life seems overwhelming. In the busyness of life, my To-Do Lists actually counter the anxiety that builds up. The lists give me focus and point me towards purpose in the moment.

“Rename your ‘To-Do’ list to your ‘Opportunities’ list.
Each day is a treasure chest filled with limitless opportunities;
take joy in checking many off your list.”

// Steve Maraboli

Consider //
Do you create To-Do or Opportunities Lists?
Do they help or hinder your healthy productivity?
How can you use this practical tool in a way that promotes a healthier rhythm in your day to day?

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