To the Point // The debate

Being kind is not trivial.

Listening matters.

Thinking before you speak is always appropriate.

No matter who you are intending to vote for or what topics matter most, we can all agree last night’s presidential debate was awful. I do not know who wins in an all-out chaotic battle of incoherent words, bullying, and throwing out the rule books because you are bated (or bating).

America does not win.

I did not watch the entire thing because my inherent nature is to fix or flee from chaos and degrading behavior.

So I write this simply as a reminder that kindness matters, respect needs to be important once again, and each of us has a voice and we need to use it. Vote.

Vote like your very life depends on it!

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  1. quincyabrams says:

    agreed, kindness makes all the difference.
    check out my blog when you have a chance! ❤️

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