How are you

How are you today?

Take a 5-minute break to check in with your well-being. First, say these four lines out loud. Slowly breathe in and out between each line. Repeat until you feel calm and focused.

“May I be happy.

May I be well.

May I be safe.

May I be at peace.”1

After a few quiet moments, go back to each phrase and investigate each one utilizing the questions below, or simply meditating on the phrases.

Take inventory starting with these questions:

“May I be happy.” Emotional well-being –

  • Where are you in your emotions? How are you actually feeling – content, anxious, happy, stressed, angered, numb?
  • When something comes up in life – your next major bill payment, decision to have your children go back to the classroom, choosing to go to the store or buy groceries curbside – what is your immediate emotional reaction?
  • Are you noticing your emotions are overwhelming and leading your decision-making and daily routine more than usual?

“May I be well.” Physical well-being –

  • How is your physical health? Have you been fatigued? Had any signs of the virus?
  • Are you exercising? Eating better?
  • Are you getting off the couch and from behind your computer, going outside to your backyard or to a park?

“May I be safe.” Mental well-being –

  • When was the last time your mind was stimulated in a positive way – meaningful conversation, getting creative with a DIY project or a form of art, taking an online class or watching a TED Talk, listening to your favorite music, reading a book, doing word or jigsaw puzzles?
  • Have you rearranged your furniture or engaged in “spring cleaning” since quarantine began? Sometimes making simple changes in your environment can change your outlook, can fuel creativity, and instill a positive atmosphere (think about all of the makeover shows saturating our TVs).
  • What steps have you taken to check in with your mental health? Do you talk openly about how you’re doing these days with a trusted friend? Have you thought about seeing a counselor or therapist to seek professional help moving forward through these difficult times?

“May I be at peace.” Spiritual well-being –

  • How are you in your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ?
  • Have you engaged in connection with Him?
  • Are you feeling stagnate in your faith journey or are you able to take steps towards Christ-likeness?
  • If you feel distant from God these days, why not start a daily devotional, take time to pray to God and express where you’re at in these four areas – emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health (remember, prayer is simply a conversation with God), or open the Bible and start with some beloved passages such as John 3:16, Psalm 23, Isaiah 40:28-31.

So, have meditating and answering these questions helped you find specific ways you can take steps towards improving an area of your well-being? Use this week to continue steps of engaging self care and deepening your relationship with God. These two things go hand in hand.

And once again, speak these phrases out loud,

“May I be happy.

May I be well.

May I be safe.

May I be at peace.”1

1 Inspired by the Calm app’s Daily Calm check ins –

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