Curiosity & compassion

“Make it your goal to look at your emotions with curiosity and compassion.”

I posted this from Dr. Caroline Leaf on my Instagram the other day, knowing this was very important advice.

Unbeknownst to me, I’d need to check myself just days later. I have been all kinds of anxious with a pinch of frustration the past two days.

After a few years of counseling, I have gotten better at analyzing my emotions and am grateful for the tools I have built up.

Yet, there are moments when the emotions rear their ugly heads and impose heavily on what could have been a couple of good days.

I simply write this to say, you are not alone in these emotional pitfalls. With the pandemic still amongst us, our emotions will be manageable one day & all over the map the next day.

It’s okay.

Continue to take inventory of your anxiety, anger and sadness. Be curious to better understand your emotional triggers and show compassion when it takes you longer than usual to climb out from under the weight of them.

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