REVISIT // Human love

It has been a true blessing to write this blog over the last 19 months. I started it out of the outpouring of God’s redemptive love and leading. I continue it as I find power in the written word.

In the sharing of stories and experience, moments in life that seem to not have value are redeemed because God is always using everything to guide us back to Him.

I enjoy looking back at posts and so I thought it might be a cool challenge to REVISIT posts – maybe rework the writing for better impact, see if I have changed perspective or tell about how God has given deeper meaning to the topic. 

So here’s to my first REVISIT.

“God allows us to feel the frailty
of human love
so we’ll appreciate the strength
of His love.”
– CS Lewis

orange petaled flower
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We must understand the flawed nature of human love to catch any glimpse of God’s unending and matchless love!

Through the lens of His love…

-the constant “less than we had hoped for” moments in this life can be reminders to look up rather than to point blame.

-what we have lost gives room for what we gain in Him.

-our seeking for comfort and relief becomes a single step into His arms rather than a fall into despair.

-rather than a trickle, when-we-feel-like-it kind of caring, we find an ever-flowing, overwhelming flood of kindness and generosity.

-you are seen, understood and cherished… no excuses given, no questions asked. 

“God’s love?
It’s never conditional or based on us.
It’s simply placed on us.
And it’s the place from which we should live… loved.”
– Lysa TerKeurst

Original Post // Human love – 2/14/19

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