No good very bad days

I have not started my work year off well!

Honestly, Friday was baaaaad – mostly my attitude. Total grump for multiple “No good, very bad day” reasons!

So I made every effort over the weekend to exercise, be in nature, sleep well, rest, hang with family and get into the Word. It truly was a lovely weekend.

Then Monday came!

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I tried… I really did, but a bad day was had once again.

I say this to be transparent… I tell you this to say, even the pretty mundane days can be HARD! I don’t want to immediately spiritualize things either because I have to make the effort to understand why I am having these “no good, very bad days”. And with quick analysis, I didn’t handle the mundane stuff all that well. I have allowed very small things to become VERY BIG THINGS very quickly.

How do I work through this bad day and find hope that tomorrow will be better?

As I stand here and type this out, I can feel my face is heated from stress and anxiety. I need to breathe deep.

Stop thinking about the thing (s) over and over. 
I literally woke up ruminating on the thing(s) that I allowed to take over my mind on Friday. I need to let. it. go!

Think on things I have done well.
I worked full days Friday and today, and actually did many things pretty darn well. Let’s allow those things to rise to the surface and bring a balance back to my day.

Remember that I feel this way because I care about what I do!
These feelings are coming from a good place that has become clouded by stress. I work in ministry and I love that what I do matters in building the Kingdom. I have a tendency to put weight on some things that, in the overall scheme of world events right now, have the importance of a grain of sand. And I say, importance because these things do matter, but not to the extreme I am giving them.

So… some of you may have already checked out and that is okay. For those who did not, maybe you can relate. I will say, I have been meditating on God with us, Emmanuel since Christmas and I am eternally grateful for this very profound reality.

God is with me in this… and He cares about what is on my heart, even with all the world events going on around me.

And God is with you as well.



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  1. Kimisloved says:

    I truly went through each of the steps I outlined in this post, and talked to my counselor. That always helps! 🙂


  2. The Single Tubie says:

    How did you


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