True at the same time

Words that hit close to my heart from Sarah Bessey –

“This has been a very hard year. I will tell the truth about that. I will also tell the truth that we made it. We survived. We held on to each other and kept going.

This was the year I learned all over again to reconcile that many things can be true at the same time:

we are deeply loved by God and sometimes we don’t know what that even means;

we miss who we used to be and we love the person we are becoming;

the kin-dom of God is happening right this blessed minute and it’s not here yet;

love and grief;

hope and lament;

there are miracles and there are not;

there are funerals and there are baptisms;

this world is devastatingly broken, filled with weeping and suffering and this world is so freaking beautiful and good you could cry at the sight of a baby’s thigh or catch your breath at the sight of pine trees against a rose coloured sky or turn up the music to sing in the car with the windows down.

All of it: true.

Right now as the year ends, all I really have is this: Emmanuel. God with us.

Emmanuel God with us – hold tight, follow closely, never let go.

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