I come with love

Ultimately God sent His Son to show us love. The law was already established and God knew we needed His loving guidance as well.

After such a long wait, love was in our midst.

Harry Connick Jr. wrote a beautiful song from the perspective of Jesus, from birth to the Cross, simply reminding us that Jesus came with love. I have included the verses and then the chorus below.

What was he saying?
Looking to her on the
Night of his birth?
What did he know, this baby?
Could she understand?
How did he know, this baby?
As she held his hand in hers
What was he feeling?
Knowing his time on earth
Wouldn’t be long?
What did he think, this young man
In a world of sin?
What would he tell the strangers
When he took them in his arms?
When he was dying
And his sweet mother was
There by his side
Who did he blame, this savior?
Sending him to death
She could hear it in a whisper
As he took his
Final breath

I come with love
To worship and honor
My father above
And so with my eyes
I say to you
Softly and peacefully
I come with love

Listen to “I Come With Love” by Harry Connick Jr.https://open.spotify.com/track/2ggrzJBvy3958DdSoacnSr?si=NP1sq5CoQi6dJLnidVNnwQ

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