Cold wind blows

I stand at the beach as brisk cold winds blow seaweed, branches and sea foam about. The water churns and white-capped waves hit the shoreline. I am nearly blown off balance and hold tight to my cap.

At once, I must firmly stand on both feet and am drawn to the assurance that comes from knowing I can stand up against these winds.

I know many who are wavering on unsteady ground, seeking answers and the assurance that they will still be standing when the sun sets and the winds die down.

// by K Touchton

In unsteady times, when trouble befalls and we cannot seem to figure out which way is up, we must rely on He who is always steady… Jesus.

You’re my true north when I’m headed south

My constant solid ground

You are my lantern in the night

When I’m twisted up and shaken

You’re the one I put my faith in

Yeah, you’re the reason I survive

You keep me steady when the sky is falling

And I’ll keep steady after You

I’ll carry on when my strength is failing

Take heart ’cause you’re with me

So let the stars drop

Whatever comes, I’ll be ready

– Steady by for King and Country

Listen to Steady

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