Celebrate 40 // Day 24

In 25 days, I celebrate the beginning of my fourth decade on this planet & all that God has in store for me.
For each day heading towards my birthday, I thought I would write a wish or desire for my forties. I have thoroughly enjoyed my thirties and I know God has even more adventures around the corner.

On this 24th day of my wishes, and the day before I start my 40th decade on this earth, I simply want to say I will have a kick ass 50th birthday party! I have 10 years to plan it & I want a gathering like no other!

But before that, I want to celebrate each year as if it was the best year yet, because… it honestly usually is! I love who I am becoming. Through the joyful times and the hard seasons, God is revealing the version of me HE sees, and I intend to make His vision my vision.

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