Celebrate 40 // Days 7 & 8

In 25 days, I celebrate the beginning of my fourth decade on this planet & all that God has in store for me.
For each day heading towards my birthday, I thought I would write a wish or desire for my forties. I have thoroughly enjoyed my thirties and I know God has even more adventures around the corner.

The wishes for days 7 and 8 connect, so I have combined them. ( Plus I went to Disney yesterday.)

My wish is to own a home. A place that is mine. I have only ever owned cars and it would be such an accomplishment in adulting. Not only that, I would like a place where I can invite friends a family to stop and stay a while.

Along with owning a home, I so look forward to decorating it; painting the walls, hanging photos and theming different areas.

I have only rented and have not been able to fully make a place cozy and “me”. I want a sanctuary for anyone who steps into the space.

I believe that if we are to create peace in the world, we must first create peace in the home.

– Richard O’Keef

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