You know how people in the basketball world anticipate and get excited about “March Madness”?

Well, my “March madness” is quite different! As an event coordinator, my biggest event is always in April. March is the month when all of the planning is solidified into print, into orientation meetings, media and final logistics to the venue.

All details culminate into a highly charged month for me. I try my best to anticipate the stress, but it always gets to me. Always!

Even with my self care practices of meditating, beach going, exercising and spending time with people I love & trust – thank you to all who are willing to be with Miss Grumpy Pants – I still get beat up by the crashing waves of busyness.

So, today has been important!

I am allowing myself to rest. I am spending time talking with God. I will spend time with family tomorrow.

He knows my name

Oh how He walks with me

Oh how He talks with me

Oh how He tells me

That I am His own

You know my name

how You counsel me

Yet, it still amazes me

That I am Your friend

This song, the very first line, has been haunting my heart and mind over the last few days. A few times, I’ve had to stop what I was doing and play it. Even last night, I fell asleep, woke up for a bit, and felt the need to listen again. In the moment, the song allowed me to worship and thank God for His faithfulness, His presence, His care for my concerns.

No fire can burn me

No battle can turn me

No mountain can stop me

‘Cause You hold my hand

And I’m walking in Your victory

‘Cause Your power is within me

No giant can defeat me

‘Cause You hold my hand

You know my name

I am thankful that my March madness is over. I am thankful for a weekend of meaningful rest.

I now walk forward with assurance, and the finish line in sight, as He holds my hand through it all.

Must listen to “You Know My Name” by Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Photo from a great article in Rest –

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