Human love

human love

Soooo much to unpack in this beautiful quote from the renowned C.S. Lewis. I will only tap the surface…and maybe even come back to it in future posts.

Many may see this as a negative statement, but I do not. I find this to be a refreshing and essential reality of our human existence.

Every single one of us is human, fallible and flawed. Sorry to break it to anyone who may think they’re perfect.

We can try our best to love and be someone’s everything, but promises will be broken.

You may not be dependable at a moment someone reaches out. Your new boyfriend may have forgotten it was Valentine’s Day. We may not be near our phone when a friend texts us for encouragement. Your pastor may make a mistake in choosing a strategic change for your church. Your wife may forget that today is a big meeting you’ve been stressing over. Your teenager may be distancing themselves from you in this season…

Give yourself, and others, a break. Give grace when we know our humanity is flawed and finite.

We must understand the flawed nature of human love to catch any glimpse of God’s unending and matchless love!

Through the lens of His love, the constant “less than we had hoped for” moments in this life can be reminders to look up rather than to point blame.

God’s love? It’s never conditional or based on us. It’s simply placed on us. And it’s the place from which we should live… loved. – Lysa TerKeurst

Show love with grace, and live loved knowing real love comes from God alone.

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  1. Jerry Touchton says:

    So meaningful! We certainly have to come to God and to our senses in the reality of our brokenness. Then realize His grace is the healing balm we desperately need.


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