Invincible summer

My hope for each one of you in the midst of your winter, dealing with hard times, low times or so-so times

… is that you will find, hidden amidst this rough terrain, an inextinquishable light and a feeling of weightlessness as you give pieces of your cares and trials over to God.

The light will begin to pierce through the holes left behind, and God will give you a strength that will begin to feel like an invincible summer.

Bask in the warmth of the rays. Find comfort in being reminded that “this too shall pass”, this season will move forth to a new season.

You will grow, you will learn and, this winter season will be a foundation for your invincible summer to rest sweetly upon.

The Calm app is such a great tool for meditation and teaching self care for our mental health. A worthy investment for those seeking assistance in finding calm and focus in your life.

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