Say it in writing

person uses pen on book

When was the last time you received a card or an actual hand-written letter?

When was the last time you sent a card or letter?

When President George HW Bush passed away, there were many tributes and interviews shown on TV. One particular one I saw was about his fondness and commitment to letter writing. He felt so strongly about this practice, that instead of writing a memoir, he wrote a book entitled, All the Best: My Life in Letters and Other Writings.

In the interview I watched, Bush said, “Let’s not let letter writing & telling others how we feel about them be from a bygone era.”

I found this so profound and sensitive for him to say; a sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly.

Over the last few weeks, my family has been so blessed by the cards, the texts, letters and phone calls we have received. Many people have not let the moment pass to tell us how they are praying for us and grieving with us for my mom’s passing.

So, I write this to remind whoever may read it to not let a moment pass. If you feel a stirring to tell someone how you feel, even if it is a simple “thinking of you”, I urge you to do so. Write that letter. Send a text. Find the perfect card. Go for it!

Be bold in your caring, be bold in your dreaming and above all else, always do your best.

– George HW Bush

  • A little musical encouragement: “Say” by John Mayer

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