Words for the new year

Whatever mountain you find yourself climbing, remember there’s always a bigger story at play. You are capable, creative, and resourceful…

So, when you find yourself overwhelmed, gripped by fear, stressed or challenged, remember to live and work with hands wide open.

Walk by faith.

Approach your circumstances with worship as your weapon and surrender as your strategy, and watch how He’ll make something beautiful out of your story.

– Charlena Ortiz *

As we fast approach a new year and we look towards what God has in store, do as written above…

Show up with worship as your weapon – your defense, your protection, your force to be reckoned with. Focus on God in praise and adoration, and you will be less likely to falter in the battle.

Stand firm in surrender as your strategy – to throw off the foe, to gather your strength, to evoke the promises and faithfulness of our God. Relinquish the control you think you have and God will go to battle for you. He is for you!

Never give up knowing God will make something beautiful out of your story. Your willingness to show up and stand firm will be your great story! God, who is faithful and desires to share in our “wins”, is, and will be, using the very story you are in to show His glory and bring others to Him. Never give up believing your story matters!

So as you climb whatever mountain you find yourself on as 2019 begins, know that you will find strength in showing up, confidence in surrendering to God’s faithfulness and the ability to endure knowing God is using your story for His glory.

Happy New Year, my friends!

* Written by Charlena Ortiz, founder of Grit and Virtue

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