God is

When you are going through difficult times, you must hold onto the promises of God. His promises are true and reliable.

In this life, everything is conditional, no matter how much we do not want it to be.


God is faithful.

God is trustworthy.

God is unconditional.

God is reliable.

God is with us.

God is on our side.

God is our strength.

God is caring.

God is Alpha and Omega.

God is love.

What is God revealing to you these days?

Everything he does is full of splendor and beauty! Each miracle demonstrates his eternal perfection. His unforgettable works of surpassing wonder reveal his grace and tender mercy.

He satisfies all who love and trust him, and he keeps every promise he makes. He reveals mighty power and marvels to his people by handing them nations as a gift.

All God accomplishes is flawless, faithful, and fair, and his every word proves trustworthy and true. They are steadfast forever and ever, formed from truth and righteousness.

Psalm 111:3-8 TPT

Sunset over Lake // Photographer: Kim Touchton

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