The emotions of it all

I took some time away from writing this past Thanksgiving weekend. Inspiration for topics has been pouring over me the last month and it has been incredible! I thought a pause would do me well to ignite some fresh inspiration.

So here I am back and excited for the Christmas season.

I love Christmas!

I love anticipating and seeking out new facets of the story of Jesus’ birth.

I love the sentimental movies, music and visuals all around that stoke the aspects of the holidays that bring family and tradition to the forefront.

I love gathering with friends and family to celebrate with cookies, eggnog, Secret Santa, Advent, carols, PJs and hot chocolate, Christmas light drives and Christmas Eve services.

I do also understand, with all of this joy and sugary goodness comes memories and emotions.

I will be the first to tell you I wear my heart on my sleeve and, with joy comes pain. With laughter comes tears. With love comes loss.

A lovely moment can become melancholy in the blink of an eye. The life of the party one moment… needing to step away for a breath of fresh air the next.

Two things come to mind for those who are saying “Amen” and are right there with me…

1// Know this: you will experience some melancholy moments this Christmas season. You may have already during Thanksgiving.

It is okay to feel that way for a time.

We are bombarded with sentimentality everywhere we go during this time. Just be prepared.

Know that a tear may fall when you watch It’s a Wonderful Life. At the tree lighting, you will see that family of four that your nurturing heart longs to be a part of. When you purchase the Angel Tree gifts, you will pray for and wonder what the child has gone through to be in this circumstance.

Allow it in. Know that this is creating in you a heart for others and an empathy that can turn into action in service to others.

If the emotions and the season are too overwhelming, reach out. Ask for a listening ear from a trusted friend or a counselor. Sometimes we just need to be heard and understood… sometimes we need more.

2// Others may not know you are feeling this way. Those around you may think you’ve got it together. Maybe you want them to think you do.

While I was cleaning out my work desk last week, I found this Post-It Note I had written to myself a while back. It reads…

This was a time when I felt like all of my emotions and all of my “stuff” wrapped around my sleeves for all to see!

I had to take a step back and realize no one knew what was going in my head and in my heart.

This could be where you are or where you may be in the coming days. You may also need to take a moment and evaluate if others know how you are, what you are struggling with. From your loved one’s perspective, would they be able to pick up on your struggles?

Be mindful that, even though you may feel alone in this, maybe you don’t have to be. Again I advise, reach out. Talk to someone, a trusted someone.

The Christmas Season can be filled with joy, laughter and wonderful times. Let it in! And know that emotion will come. Allow it to make the moments deeper and even more meaningful.

Merry Christmas!

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