Gratitude transforms

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When was the last time you said “Thank you”… and meant it?

What was it for; did someone let you go in front of them in a line, hold a door open for you or help carry your belongings to your car? All acts of kindness are worthy of being thanked.

Keep going; keep spreading gratitude in your day to day interactions! More gratitude towards neighbors and passerby’s is needed!

When was the last time you revealed deep gratitude to someone who has made an impact on your life? You may think that person knows how you feel, but what if they do not know?

As I pose this question, is there someone who comes to mind? What impact did they make on your life?

If you have not told them, why not call them up or send them a card?

It is never to mundane, never too obscure, never too long past to say thank you.

Sometimes a thank you for a simple act can lift spirits on an otherwise difficult day.

Sometimes an acknowledgement of gratitude will help someone realize their effort did not go unnoticed.

Sometimes being reminded of past influences can bring restoration to a weary soul.

What is there to lose?

// More to come about gratitude this Thanksgiving week.

Thank you for visiting my blog… and reading this post until the end.

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