Small Things Well

Small things well.

Doing things well means you are striving to do more than just the task at hand or to just “get the job done”. You choose to care about the why and the outcome, as well as the level of effort put forth in the busyness of the task.

Always care about the WHY and the OUTCOME.

When we care about the why, the priority becomes our mission & our purpose.

“Lead people to the why before the how and the do.” Ruth Chou Simons, Gracelaced

When you do so, they (and you) can visualize and will be grounded in the heart & the inspiration… even in the small and seemingly mundane tasks.

When we care about the outcome, we are more apt to follow through, even when things do not go as planned. When we care about the outcome, the task becomes more manageable and enjoyable.

Isn’t it infectious to be around people who are passionate about the simplest tasks? Often they are coming at the task already desiring to do their best. Passionate doers prepare themselves grounded in the why and looking forward to the desired outcome. They know doing small things well will lead to the desired outcome.

Small things well lead to big impacts.

* Inspired by IF:LEAD 2018

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