We are not called to be peace keepers. We are called to be peace makers.

What is the difference?

One turns from or ends up ignoring conflict thinking, if we do not engage it, it will eventually go away. The other acknowledges conflict, takes it on in a healthy manner to diffuse so all parties involved can move forward.

I definitely have chosen the easier path of peace keeping most of my life. Even more recently, I chose to ignore a conflict and went “dark”; I retreated and stayed silent.

Even though the retreat helped me to an extent, to understand boundaries I needed to uphold, I left others in the dark not understanding my reasoning.

I had to eventually own up to my decisions and apologize. I know it did not satisfy the other parties but it broke the silence.

Sometimes you do not need to explain yourself, but give time for someone to speak and you to listen.

I am so imperfect in this area of my life, and I continue to seek the Lord’s guidance in becoming a peace maker.

* Thoughts came from the IF:LEAD 2018 Conference in the Conflict Breakout Session.

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