I can’t even with this quote.

It is the absolute truth.

After much introspection over the last year, I realize how hard I can be on myself. With all the choices I have made & all I did not choose to try, I have come to the place where I must show grace. Grace for the dark corners of my mind, grace for the desires of my heart and grace for the actions that do not resemble Christ.

grace // free & unmerited favor of God; unmerited divine assistance to humans for their regeneration or sanctification; disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy or clemency //

As God has shown unmerited favor – grace – to me, I must show grace to myself. If I do not start here, then how can I truly love and care for others, especially those I hold most dear.

I must start with praying for guidance, helping me catch those moments when I begin to think negatively about something I have thought or done. Choosing the Philippians 4 mindset will encourage “lovely and praiseworthy” thoughts. I may even need to simply recite the scripture itself.

There are times when I must immediately redirect my thought process. Either by having a word that triggers redirection, or an action – a snap of a finger, a clap of a hand or even placing my hand over my mouth – I can quickly gather my thoughts and transition to more helpful topics.

I have found speaking to someone who can speak insight and encouragement into my life is a priceless gift and tool on the journey of grace.

It is not easy. It is a process in practical discipline and spiritual growth. One day, you will feel on top of it. The next day, you will just want to stay in bed.

The journey of showing grace to others truly begins by showing grace to yourself, including allowing God’s grace to pour over you and saturate your life – past, present and future.

Looking back on your life will then turn into a beautiful display of God’s unmerited favor covering you and pouring into the lives around you.

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