light yellow fire match


Reconnecting with an old friend is like lighting a match; igniting in me an enthusiasm for doing more, cheering on what they are doing to bring good into the world & simply being reminded of our connected history.

It’s a joy to get a glimpse into how somebody else has lit up the world in their sphere of influence.

In each of us is the capacity to create change; to be a catalyst for good. Spending time with those who get this, who entertain the possibilities of what could be rather than what is, is a vital source of strength, resource and motivation to fight the good fight.

Not going to lie, my friend Ted, who Kara & I had coffee with last night, has had many spheres around the world! He was in the Peace Corps, taught at the university level about human migration and earned his PhD. He has now chosen to come home to teach 8th grade history!

Yes, it’s difficult not to compare the influence he has had on others to my own. I am awed by his sense of adventure, his work ethic and his ability to step up & join in.

As I grow & learn more about how I view & interact in this world, I desire to step up & join in more effortlessly & more willingly.

The match was lit.


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