For the Love of Sherlock

As the last episode of the fourth season – and potentially the last – of #Sherlock ends, I want to explain my deep love for this specific version of Sherlock Holmes – and my love for Sir Arther Conan Doyle’s adventures.

Sherlock Season 1

I could go on and on…and on about how cerebral, humorous, clever, visually stimulating, mind bending, fun and adventurous this show is. I really could!!!
But the real reason I adore this show, and the books, is because of the foundation of it; the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.
Its yin and yang, head and heart, simplicity and chaos, hilarity and deep sadness, frustration and elation, anger and joy. 
The best and deepest of friendships are never just about the good times. Its about the chemistry at the beginning, the continued willingness to get in the trenches with someone because you trust they would do it for you. Its dealing with the mundane, enjoying the banter, cheering each other on in the big and small wins and its wrapping your arms around them in the raw guttural moments of life. It is the moments when you’re not okay but “it is what it is” and they’ll be there right next to you every step of the way.
That has been the relationship between Sherlock and Watson over the past 4 seasons! 
Yes, I’ve just written all of this about a TV show and fictional characters from books. But I can tell you, I have taken to heart the examples of true friendship and real love between two flawed human beings in the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and I am better for it.
Simple as that…or should I say “Elementary, my dear Watson.”
Written before the final episode: “I am going to enjoy the next tension filled 90 minutes of a new Sherlock story, not knowing if there will be more after. I’ll cry (obviously), I’ll laugh, I’ll clench my pillow close to my face anticipating the craziness that will ensue. And I will enjoy EVERY STINKIN’ MOMENT!”

Sherlock Season 4

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