I’m a size 7 1/2

This will be a simple post. Mainly a thought after going through the weekend I just had.

I am supposed to be on vacation in Tennessee right now, but it was cut very short because my mom fell and hurt her back upon arrival to the resort. We ended up having to call an ambulance and take her to the emergency room. With an X-ray, we found out she has a compression fracture in her vertebrae. We ended up leaving yesterday as soon as she left the hospital, which meant we spent two nights and one full day in TN, rather than the 8 days.

This experience was the first time I went through where I saw the pain, the embarrassment, the intimate needs needing to be taking care of with help & the way marriage binds you to someone through good and bad.

After a good long sleep, after a 11 hour overnight drive, I realized how much we do not know about what others go through. We so often judge someone by the outward appearance of the struggle without fully understanding the inner workings of the pain, the emotional toll & the meaning of it all. 

We need to step out of our self centered thinking &, as the old phrase goes, “walk a mile…”.

For those who want to come along on this journey, I wear a size 7 1/2 shoe. 

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