Baby steps

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” – Thomas Fuller

I have not made my health a real focus for most of my life. It is by seeing others go through difficulties and knowing I am at an age when the body does not “bounce back” so easily that I am now paying attention.

Baby steps are being taken.

Almost a year ago, I began to exercise regularly – two times a week at first and then three times a week starting this past summer.

The hard part is still to come.


I can list excuses as to why it’s difficult to eat better – cooking for one, limited budget, etc. – but the reality is I have the ability to do this. I’ve just been a bit lazy and, honestly, a bit of a coward.

Healthy eating habits will not start overnight but I’m going to make a conscience effort in the days and weeks to come.

Simple goal: To be able to enjoy my Italy trip – walking, hiking & simply having the stamina to enjoy a day of traveling without a nap.

So here I am today.

Let’s see where my baby steps will take me.


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